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SNR-SK servo motor portable cnc cutting machine


Product Description

1. The first servo motor portable cutting machine  

High accuracy, low energy consumption, stable, less shake, low voice, to overcome the low speed resonance of step motor and promote the machine processing efficiency and capacity. 

2. Wide track structure

Widen X axis of Dual axis guide to 420mm, improve the machine centre-of-gravity shift.

3. The servo technology portable cutting machine has a bright application prospects.

It can improve the process accuracy and stability.Besides to put ordinary plasma power on machine, it can also put fine plasma power to fulfill similar laser level. For example, use Laser system to compose high technology laser CNC cutting machine. Thats high-end machine of portable cutting machine.

Product Features

1. Panasonic servo motor & driver

2. Any planar figure cutting

3. Single or large scale components cutting

4. Flame cutting and plasma cutting

5. Lightweight, easy carrying suitable for cutting figures indoor and outdoor

6. Rail frame width: 420mm


It can be widely used in the industries as aerospace, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, railway manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, special construction vehicle, tool manufacturing, oil machinery manufacturing, food machinery, decorated advertizing, foreign processing service and all kinds industries related to mechanical manufacturing.

Cutting Material

It can be used to cut all kinds of metal materials as Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, electrolytic plate, aluminized Steel Sheet and also insulated panel and composite materials.

Technical Parameters

Track length


Effective cutting length


Effective cutting width


Flame cutting thickness


Plasma cutting thickness

2-25mm, depends on plasma source

Max running speed

12000 mm/min


Automatic torch height control F1621

Torch group

1 group

Cutting mode

Oxy-fuel(flame), plasma

Drive motor

Panasonic Servo motor

CNC system

Beijing Starfire or Shanghai fangling 7 inch color screen

Fastcam software

Australia Fastcam software (standard)