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SNR-MP-PK -pressure vessel CNC cutting machine
Source: | Author:industrial-116 | Publish time: 2015-04-27 | 1393 Views | Share:


Technical Parameters

CNC control system

Starfire SF-2600

Effective cutting width


Effective cutting length


Max angle


Linkage axes

6 axes


Panasonic servo motor


Taiwan APEX

Max speed




Using six-axis linkage technology, realizing simultaneous cutting form to all kinds of curve graphics and welding beveling;

Using servo motor, characterized by fast dynamic response, running stability, and high processing precision;

Possessing power off memory function, when the power cut off unexpectedly, the equipment can automatically remember the processing position , whether it moves or not. when power on , it can continue to complete the follow-up processing program;

Arc breaking automatic back function ,when the CNC system detected arc breaking , It will automatically command equipment back to the position before arc breaking, and then arc striking automatically to reprocess.

SNR-MP-PK possesses working table auxiliary leveling function, it can measure the non-parallelism between working table and processing plane, providing reliable parameter to parallelism adjustment.

Wide-track structure design , can directly work with cutting torch and holder of special or high precision plasma power

It can also be used as head cutting machine, processing different head in different size, such as ellipsoidal head, torispherical head, dome head, tank head, and pressure vessel head, etc.


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