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Tube cutting machine SNR-KB-XG
Source: | Author:pmo4bec75 | Publish time: 2016-06-02 | 1309 Views | Share:
                    Tube cutting machine SNR-KB-XG

I.Product Main Features
This type of machine can proceed pipe material cutting, high efficiency, stable  cutting, and high precision.
1.Used for pipe intersecting line cutting.
2.Cutting thickness of pipe wall:6-50mm(flame cutting), plasma cutting  thickness depends on the plasma source power.
3.Step motor drive.
4.Main function: 2-axis linkage technology(pipe rotation axis, axis moving along pipe axis).

II.Product Main Functions
1) Equipped with “Three-Axis,Two-Axis Linkage Control” intersection NC system, and the 7.0 inch color LCD screen, Fit for pipe cutting. 
2) Standard version not only can both flame cutting and plasma cutting, but also can cut both pipe and steel plate. 
3) Can make intersecting pipe hole cutting in different directions and different diameters.
5) Can cut oblique section of the pipe.
6) Can cut branch intersecting pipe's end socket for main pipe.
7) Can cut square and slotted hole and all shapes on the pipe.(It need nesting software.)
8) Can cut off the pipe.
9) Can cut dual bending ends for bending of the pipe after welding.

III.Technical Parameters
Cutting scope: 20-100mm, can custom according to customer’s requirement.
Machine guide rail: 3m
Intersecting line guide rail:3m
CNC flame pipe wall cutting thickness:6-50mm
CNC plasma pipe wall cutting thickness: depends on plasma source power
Running speed: 0-3500mm/min
    Set speed error: ≤±5%